ZOOLIFE® provides specialist and comprehensive services to zoos, aquaria, and wildlife projects worldwide.

We understand the importance of correct nutrition, environmental control and diagnostic strategies in providing high levels of successful care.

ZOOLIFE® offer leading nutritional advice and manufacture and supply unique products developed to improve health, preventive medicine and long term maintenance.

Our ZOOLAB® division to offers dedicated specialist laboratory analysis and data base. Interpretation of results is assisted by our unique bank of data relating to wild and captive populations. ZOOLAB® offers a range of services including aquatic microbiology, pharmaceutical production including vaccines and specialist medicines. Our feed production division is specifically designed to formulate and manufacture novel diets for zoo and aquarium and wildlife species.

Our pharmaceutical development program is an integral part of our mission to improve veterinary and preventive medicine. Our novel products including IMUFIN®, FISHVITS® and VETERINARY REEF GEL® have been used worldwide with great success.

From concept to long term operation, Zoolife has supported leading successful aquarium projects worldwide.

From a single laboratory analysis to international project support program, please contact us for assistance.

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