ZOOLIFE® manufacture and supply a unique range of specialist products.

Our products are used by world leading public aquaria, wildlife projects, veterinary surgeons and private hobbyists.

With a focus on natural products and novel formulations, the product range brings new and exciting opportunities in nutrition, captive care and veterinary medicine.

ZOOLIFE® have an ongoing intensive research and development program. A number of unique and highly successful products have been designed and are manufactured by our laboratories. We hold a number of patents pending formulations trusted and used by leaders in their field.

ZOOLIFE® products have revolutionized the health and appearance of leading public aquarium displays. Fish colors have taken on a new natural briliance with our unique COLORFIN® technology.

Our veterinary product range offers very significant new advances in medical management and healthcare. This includes our revolutionary IMUFIN® range and VETERINARY REEF GEL® and FISHVITS®.

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