About Us

The ZOOLIFE® International provides an unparalleled service provision in disciplines applicable to zoos, aquaria, wildlife, filed projects and architectural practices worldwide. Conservation, education and research are fundamental values in our activities.

ZOOLIFE® is consulted in leading research and development programs internationally, working with specialist institutions, NGOs, government bodies, universities and field research projects.

Our dynamic pharmaceutical and product development knowledge and programs has resulted in the provision of significant advances in nutrition and welfare. Our results have important benefits in animal health, preventive medicine, living exhibit presentation and conservation. A number of our pharmaceutical, nutritional and healthcare products are used and recommended internationally.

Our services are accessed by a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from multinational companies to charitable trusts, and private collections. Providing exceptional results and outstanding care with an understanding of our clients' aims and resources is achieved by dedicated professionals highly respected in their field.

We have assisted a number of companies and organisations to improve operational efficiency and develop strategies and regimes for improving collection management.

To find out how the ZOOLIFE® International can assist you in reaching your objectives, or to request further information on any aspect of our activities, please contact us for further information.

E: info@zoolife.com


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